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Where did it begin?

Harvey Communications Limited was created on the back of over a decades worth of experience in the telecoms industry. This means that we have the infrastructure and telecommunications knowledge to provide you with a great office phone system.

We have seen all that our industry has to offer and it was a culmination of all of this experience that led us to start Harvey Communications. We saw people paying different suppliers for different services, costing them more than was needed in the process: we decided to put everything into one simple package.

Thanks to this idea, we now provide office phone systems which make your business life simpler yet more effective. By providing office phone systems with features to help and benefit people at every level, helping your business grow.

Where are we?

We are based in Bournemouth on the south coast, not far from the International Airport. That being said, we also have a team of engineers who are based nationwide. Again, this was a decision borne from experience. We saw how customers struggled calling international call centres and then having to wait days for engineers that are normally located hundreds of miles away. By having engineers who are local to you, you’ll always get help quickly, should you need it. Our call centre is also located at our Head Office here in Bournemouth, so should you ever need our help, you’ll speak to someone based in the UK.

What makes us different?

A number of things make us different from so much of the telecommunications industry. Firstly, we provide a state-of-the-art deskphone, which has features to improve the way you do business, and include a range of software as standard within your phone system package. What’s more, we will buy you out of your existing contract, and pass on the wholesale call rates to you, helping to save you money to fund your new office phone system.

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