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You deserve an office phone system which helps you make the most of every business opportunity. Our phone systems provide you with the tools to improve the way you do business.

Whether it’s enabling remote working, letting you pick up and reply to voicemail on the move or integrating your office phones with your computer system, you will see immediate benefits from improving your office phone systems with us.

What will you receive with our office phone systems?

The perfect office phones

No two businesses are the same, so why should their phone system be? We have a range of phones available, from the leading VoIP deskphone HiHi3, to more traditional handsets from Samsung and Yealink. We also offer a range of DECT phones from Gigaset and Samsung, as well as both wired and wireless headsets from Plantronics, Jabra and Sennheiser. With such a range of products on offer, we’ll help you to choose the perfect office phone to suit your business size and needs.

Our phones are user-friendly and as part of our installation process we take the time to teach you and your team how to use them to their fullest. This means you will be able to perform tasks like forwarding calls, setting up and receiving voicemails, setting favourite contacts and using the address book seamlessly.

Call Reporting

In our experience, call reporting is one of the most useful ways to ensure you don’t lose business. Why? Imagine how many calls you miss, either because your people are too busy, or because it is out of office hours. Call reporting allows you to see every call, including missed calls, ensuring you can follow up on missed calls. We use this tactic ourselves and have found that it also improves customer service as you can follow up on calls from customers and appear more proactive in handling their queries.

If you are in a sales environment, you can use call reporting to monitor whether your team are spending long enough on the phones. We have an active telemarketing operation, so we use call reporting to see how many calls our staff make, how long each call last and monitor overall call time.

Call Recording

There are two reasons why call recording is a core part of office phone systems for businesses across the UK; service improvement and customer support. In terms of improving service; by listening back to calls with your staff you can improve the service they provide, ensuring they can answer any customer queries and provide the correct quotes.

The second key part of call recording is the ability to clarify orders as part of your customer support. If your customers are ensure of what they’ve ordered, you can send them the call recording to clear up any confusion. Similarly, you can also use this feature with your suppliers in the event of any disputes.


Competitive call rates are one of the most important elements of any office phone system package. They can also vary wildly between different providers, meaning you could be paying over the odds to make every type of call. We are one of BT’s largest wholesalers, meaning that we buy calls in huge volumes which in turn means they give us preferential rates which are better than the vast majority of the industry.

We then pass these savings directly onto you so we can build your office phone system package to include some of the lowest call rates in the telecommunications industry. Whether you’re making calls within the UK or overseas or to mobiles you can be sure that with us you are getting the best call rates possible on reliable, high quality lines.


Unsurprisingly, call quality is dependent upon line quality. If you’re using lines which have been damaged or are overly worn, you could get intermittent call quality or have your calls end abruptly. The best way to overcome this problem is to have your lines checked, which we do as part of our installation process.When we are installing your system, our engineers will test the line(s) you have coming into your premises and will be able to detect faults at that stage.

If any are detected we will restore your call quality to its maximum level.You may have also heard about fibre optic broadband; this is the latest technology which allows for vastly superior broadband speeds. We install fibre optic cabling wherever possible. If it isn’t available when we first install you, but later becomes available, we will have you connected to the fibre as quickly as possible.

Installation & Onboarding

Once you’ve placed the order for your new office phone system with Harvey Communications, you’ll be keen to know just how quickly and smoothly the system can be installed. Experienced HiHi engineers will be on hand to install the hardware, usually within the first 2 weeks, and train you and your colleagues on all the great new features you’ll be using, meaning you will soon be a fully onboarded customer!

Our innovative Onboarding process will see you through from beginning to end of your phone system installation, collecting the pieces of your ‘Onboarding Jigsaw’ along the way. The majority of installations will take between 2-3 months to complete, however, on occasion, this may be longer.

Customer Support

We have an office-based Support team at our HQ in Bournemouth, UK. They are on hand to answer your calls and offer video-based support should you need any assistance. The Support Portal can also be accessed 24/7, containing a large selection of guides, software download links, and details on how to get help out of hours.

If a technical issue can’t be solved remotely and a site visit is required, we can arrange for a HiHi engineer to come to your premises and provide assistance, ensuring you are up and running in no time.

Optional extras

Our phone systems combine leading products with a suite of business-improving software. With both Call Recording and Call Reporting included as standard with all systems, you’ll be able to increase productivity and boost your customer service after your installation.

Further enhance your phone system from our range of optional extras that can be added to create the perfect package for your business needs.


The vast majority of our customers also opt for mobile phone packages with us in addition to their HiHi phone system.  We offer handsets from most of the major manufacturers, so you can be sure that you’ll find your preferred device with us.  We also provide a range of different packages so that you can find a cost-effective mobile phone contract to suit your usage.

On Hold Marketing

Reduce caller hang up and promote your business with On-Hold Marketing. Did you know 70% of business calls are placed on-hold or transferred, 90% of these calls will hang up after 40 seconds if confronted with silence. 34% of these callers will not call back. Create additional revenue buy advertising your products and services to a captive audience, turning on-hold customers into sales opportunities.

Reduce lost business by keeping your customers engaged, physiologically reducing hold times and reduce caller hang up, ensuring you do not lose potential business. Improve customer service with professionally recorded messages which enhance your company’s brand as well as improve the customer experience when they call.


Business wallboards are designed to improve the visibility of important information within your organisation. Here at Harvey Communications we use wallboards to show who has made the most calls, which support tickets are being dealt with by which person and our overall revenue figure to name just three.

Our wallboards work together with the rest of our office phone system package, meaning you can display information from our Call Reporting software to help maintain your customer service levels. Whilst we actively promote using business wallboards we recognise that it isn’t appropriate for some businesses, which is why it isn’t included as standard with our office phone systems.


A reliable, high speed Internet connection has become one of the most important parts of your communications system. Wherever possible, we provide fibre-optic business broadband services to provide you with a high speed Internet connection.

Non-Geographic Numbers

Rather than pigeon holing yourself into a particular location, non-geographic numbers allow you to present a national appearance and potentially appeal to a broader selection of customers.

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