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The innovative VoIP deskphone

As a platinum partner of HiHi, we’re proud to offer their latest deskphone, HiHi3, as part of our phone systems. With built-in video calling technology, access to the Google Play Store, a high-definition touchscreen display and enhanced phone features, HiHi3 can transform the way you use your deskphone.

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An intuitive experience

Built with an Android operating system and with a high-definition touchscreen display, HiHi3’s interface is similar to most smartphones. Designed to be accessible to anyone, HiHi3 has an easy-to-use phonebook which includes the ability to sync contacts from other accounts into one single address book (up to a maximum of 500 contacts), simple call management options and settings, and features such as Favourites and Presence.

With it’s detachable tablet, HiHi3 provides easy remote working, allowing phone features to be used away from your desk so you remain connected.

Google certified deskphone

HiHi3 is a Google Certified device, giving you the ability to download apps easily from the Google Play Store. When you log into your Google account, you’ll have access to your emails, files, photos and calendar on your HiHi3, which are all stored on the detachable tablet, ensuring you can always access them. Contacts saved to your Google account can be synced to your HiHi3 phonebook so you have access to them in a single contact list (a maximum of 500 contacts can be saved to your HiHi3).

Flexible working

The HiHi3 deskphone is made up of two components, the base unit and tablet. The tablet is the main element of the HiHi3, giving users the ability to make and receive calls, as well as storing your contacts, file, photos and apps on it. Undocking the tablet from your HiHi3 gives you the freedom to take your device elsewhere to work remotely, while ensuring you remain in contact with your colleagues and customers. With the ability to connect Bluetooth headsets to the tablet, you can still ensure you can hold private voice and video calls, without the need for of the base station.

HiHi Connect

HiHi Connect is a mobile app that allows you to use your mobile phone as an extension of your HiHi3. When your deskphone rings, the call will also come through to the app, allowing you to answer the call on your mobile when working remotely.

HiHi Connect gives you the ability to always be connected without the need to stay at your desk. Perfect for unexpected circumstances, HiHi Connect allows you to make and receive both voice and video calls and access your full HiHi3 phonebook, so you can still work as usual when out of the office.

Face-to-face business meetings

With built-in video calling technology, enjoy face-to-face communication on HiHi3 with its ability to make and receive high quality video calls between HiHi3 devices, so you can see and speak to others without the need to travel. HiHi3 gives you the benefit of holding a private video call from your desk, as well as being able to undock the tablet to take a call while on the move.

Partnered with the mobile app, HiHi There, video calls can also be held between yourself and your customers and suppliers.

HiHi There

HiHi There is a unique app that allows you to invite non-HiHi3 users to a video call, using either their mobile or on a browser synced with a webcam. HiHi There app gives you the advantage of being able to both see and speak to your customers or suppliers via video, lessening the need to travel.

HiHi There is a user-friendly design, with HiHi3 users easily able to invite someone to a video call using the HiHi There button on their deskphone.

A device as individual as you

As an Android tablet, HiHi3 gives you the ability to have a fully customisable business phone on your desk. Download your favourite apps to your device using the Google Play Store, personalise your homescreen by adding your own background photo, add widgets so you can quickly see your schedule or weather updates and even have your own personal assistant with Google Assistant!

Download your favourite apps on Google Play Store

Add widgets to your homescreen

Use voice commands to help with day-to-day activities

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