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Our business phone systems have been developed to improve the way your business works. As well as delivering high call-quality, you’ll find a huge range of advanced software and applications available to help you increase productivity, improve your internal communications and impress clients.

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Call Recording

Our Call Recording software records all inbound and outbound calls to your business. Our software will automatically capture every phone conversation that occurs, storing it on a secure database. Whenever you need to revisit the call, it’ll be right there waiting for you.

Call Recording is the perfect tool to increase accuracy of information taken over the telephone, and an effective way to train new and current staff members to improve staff performance.

Call Recording is included as standard with all business phone systems from Harvey Communications.

Call Reporting

Call Reporting is an essential for just about any business. Incredibly useful for business owners and managers, this application makes it easy to view call history, note down any missed calls and analyse the efficiency of employees.

You’ll easily be able to see reports on how quickly calls are answered, the length of calls and how many are transferred, giving you an insight to help enhance your customer service.

Call Reporting is included as standard with all business phone systems from Harvey Communications.

Computer Telephone Integration (CTI)

Customers with a cloud-based phone system can take advantage of our CTI (Computer Telephone Integration) software. This software integrates your computer and phone system together, enabling you to see who is calling you, giving you the ability to have a better phone conversation.

CTI is able to work with most CRM systems, so when an existing customer calls, you’ll be presented with the information you hold on them, improving your customer service with them.

For non-customers, CTI will provide any relevant information it can find through a Google search of that number, helping you to create a great first impression.

On-Hold Marketing

On-Hold Marketing helps your business to make the most of every moment. Whenever a customer is placed on hold, our software enables you to advertise them with a message of your choice, helping you to keep callers engaged.

A telephone call could be the first experience many of your customers have with your business, and On-Hold Marketing helps you to make a great impression to them with a professional and personalised message.

Studies show that over 30% of people who are placed on hold hang up and don’t call back. With the ability to to advertise your products and services, you’ll be able to keep them interested to stay on the phone.

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A Harvey Communications phone system is tailored to your business, so you’ll only ever pay for the services and features you want. Let us know about your requirements and we can help with a bespoke telecoms package.

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