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What is Call Recording?

Call Recording software enables you to record every incoming and outgoing call within your business, giving you an essential tool to increase accuracy of information taken over the telephone and improve staff performance by evaluating calls.

With access to recordings via a portal, files can be stored indefinitely, and gives you an effective way to train new and current staff members from call recordings.

Improve customer service

If you work in a customer facing role, Call Recording software can help you to improve your customer service. Refresh yourself on customer accounts by listening back to previous conversations, ensuring you are fully up-to-date and can easily recall earlier verbal discussions, helping you to provide better service to your customers.

Ensure complete accuracy

Avoid any miscommunication with information taken over the telephone by listening back to calls to double-check what’s been said. Confirm the accuracy of data such as contact details, reference numbers and order quantities, helping to avoid customer complaints further down the line. Call Recording software is particularly useful in the case of disputes too, as the recordings of the original calls can be listened back to.

Train and evaluate staff

Call Recording provides an easy way to evaluate individual’s customer service performance and gives you a valuable training tool to coach new and current staff from. Listen back to calls with the individual in development sessions, helping to inform them in how they could improve their telephone skills and train new staff by listening to highly-regarded calls.

How does Call Recording work?

When installed, Call Recording software will automatically record any phone calls that is received or made within your company. These recordings are stored as a digital audio file within your private cloud system, which can be accessed and replayed by authorised employees as and when required.

Specific call recordings can be found on the portal by searching for information such as phone number, date and time. This functionality can help when you are looking for a specific customer’s call or for a specific staff member. Call Recordings are kept indefinitely, but if you wish to amend this to a shorter period of time, this can be changed on the portal. You can also amend preferences to only record incoming or outgoing calls or to only record certain extensions.

Which companies use Call Recording?

For some businesses, recording calls is compulsory, such as those regulated by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority). Many other companies who use Call Recording software are those that handle customer data and sensitive information on a daily basis, as the software gives them peace of mind on having copies of original conversations.

When recording calls, it’s important to remember that you must advise the caller that their conversation is being recorded. You can add this to your privacy policy statement, but the easiest method is to add a pre-recorded message on your company’s phone, so that all callers are informed as they call in.

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