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What is Call Reporting?

Call Reporting is an invaluable tool which provides reports on your company’s incoming and outgoing calls, helping you to analyse and improve your business’ performance.

With full visibility of call handling, missed calls and marketing campaigns, the statistics available can help you to improve your customer service and avoid losing valuable business.

Enhance your customer service

Call handling reports will provide you with the full statistics on your business’ calls. See a range of metrics including how quickly calls are answered, the duration of calls, the number of calls transferred and how many are placed on-hold. Through analysing this data, you’ll be able to see where your customer service can be improved, such as increasing staff levels at peak times, and judge the performance of your inbound and outbound teams.

Review all missed calls

Missed calls are inevitable, with many of these happening outside of your normal working hours. With Missed Call reports, you’ll be able to see each missed call into the business, including the phone number, time of day and the number the caller was dialling, giving you the opportunity to call back and capitalise on any potential business.

Measure your success

Easily measure the success of your marketing campaigns through Call Reporting. By using unique phone numbers for different campaigns, you can accurately monitor which campaign has generated the most calls and sales. If your various departments have unique phone numbers, Call Reporting will also provide you information on which departments are receiving the most calls, helping you to identify peak times and ensure staffing levels are adequate.

Can Call Reporting improve productivity?

Our Call Reporting software allows you to see if there are any areas of the business that are taking longer to answer calls, spending longer while on the call, or if any calls are continually being unanswered. This information will allow you to speak with employees and resolve any problems, make decisions on staffing levels and find out if all phone numbers are allocated to departments and groups correctly.

Call Reporting can also spur on employees to be more productive, as they know that their individual statistics on their call handling is being monitored.

Is Call Recording GDPR compliant?

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) specifically protects data which can result in a individual being identified. Our Call Reporting software does not contain any personally identifiable information, as reports only show phone numbers that were called or called in, the dates of those calls, where those calls went and how long they lasted. None of the information collected includes names or any information which can identify someone to that number, ensuring that this software is fully compliant.

To increase the security of the data collected, those with access to the Call Reporting software will each have their own login, helping to keep the reports private and confidential.

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